About Impulse Kota

About Impulse Kota

The mission of The Impulse Kota is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.

The Institute is committed to generating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge, and to working with others to bring this knowledge to bear in the world's great challenges. The Impulse Kota is dedicated to providing its students with an education that combines rigorous academics study and the excitement of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse coaching methodology.

We seek to develop in each member of the Impulse Kota community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind as well as self.

Our Infrastructure

We strongly believe in the fact that the environment plays a vital role that helps a student learning to be effective. In "IMPLUSE KOTA" we provide every possible and suitable facilities for our students to concentrate/focus on their studies.

We have A/C classrooms with provision of smart education facilities so that the student learn easily.All our classroom are well ventilated and spacious.We also have big library unit where student can easily go and take books from library and sit in the hall and can concentrate on their studies.

In "IMPULSE KOTA" we strongly believe in providing in providing a better environment to all our students so that they can focus on their studies and achieve successful ranks in exam and other competitives preparations.

Why Choose Us ?

I Here in "Impulse Kota" training institute we provide the best teaching faculty to all our students. We have got highly experienced and intellectual faculty members who assists the students and pave their way towards success!!!

Our Study Package

Preparing for IIT-JEE and Medical students generally think that they need to have a dozen of books,stipulated time-table,no break during study and no participation in social activities.

But it is not true. "Impulse Kota" does not encourage students to follow such guidelines.

To score in IIT-JEE, Medical and to get into IIT's and Medical college,students does not require to study and bundle of books or to follow a stern study plan.

We bring you IIT-JEE and Medical study materials, prepared by our expert faculty members. Most of them are expert teachers having experience of more than 10 years.